Who we are?

Inser_pub_A4_canada_ANGLAIS-01Our company was founded in 1963, has over 27,000 employees located in France, England, Spain, the United States and Canada.

Established in Canada since 1983, GSF Canada Inc. is a leader in Canada in terms of cleanliness & related services in various environments such as offices towers, pharmaceuticals, industrial sites, commercial areas and public spaces.

Our success relies on continuous training of our employees, on established lasting relationships with our customers and our commitment to achieving a quality service.

Although GSF Canada Inc. continues to grow, we remain focused on our mission: to provide a stimulating work environment through respect, responsibility, proximity and internal promotions of our employees and all this while delivering a solution tailored to the needs of our customers. We advocate the development of our resources to preserve our standard of excellence.

GSF Canada Inc. has a management system oriented towards the satisfaction of our customers and employees while maintaining our ISO 9001 certified quality standards.