Automated telephone time control

GSF Canada Inc. uses an automated time control system to ensure attendance of all employees who work for our clients. We can:

  • Make real-time recording of all worked hours;
  • Receive automatic alerts of absence;
  • Check the attendance of our employees at all times;
  • Have better communication with our employees;

Real-time recording of all hours worked

  • We monitor all hours worked in real time – while the work is being done;
  • All employees (including salaried employees) use a telephone system at the beginning of the shift, and at the end to verify their presence in the workplace;
  • Phone identification ensures that the employee in question is indeed at the client’s establishment;
  • Hours worked are recorded automatically at the end of each shift.

Automatic absence alerts

  • We provide superior quality service through an automated computer system which informs us of any lack of staff. If an employee does not show up on time, our system notifies the supervisor.
  • Whether your business is 10 or 100 km from our center, our computer system provides a high degree of control which makes a big difference for our customers.

We verify the presence of our employees at all times

  • Our supervisors can check for any employee at any time and anywhere;
  • The hours and attendance is recorded when an employee starts and completes his shift in your establishment. Our supervisors can access attendance reports in real time from a computer or mobile phone.

Improved employee communication

  • Integrated voice prompts allow supervisors to send messages about customer concerns, additional services required or any other information relevant to each employee individually;
  • A more frequent and effective communication improves performance and morale of staff to achieve high quality results for you – our customer;
  • To improve our customer service, our people listen