GSF Intelligent

Is your current maintenance contract just words on a paper?

  • Is your building really clean?
  • Is the quality of service and duties included in your contract respected?
  • Are you getting the real value of services you pay?

We are able to offer you this proof with Efficient Quality Control

  • Your services will be accomplished as described in your contract.
  • Documented messages are easily submited.
  • Receive a customer service which will surpass your hopes.
  • Receive a maintenance service which will exceed your best expectations.

All services included in your contract are documented in the GSF INTELLIGENT system

  • We document and inspect the services to ensure they exceed industry/commercial standards.
  • Inspection results are always available. This allows you to see, that we respect and execute the work of your contract.


  • All tasks are scheduled according to sectors and frequencies that were required and specified in the contract.
  • A detailed description of various tasks, ensures that the client’s specified requirements are met.


  • Submit all your requests immediately using your current email system or directly with GSF Intelligent.
  • A message is immediately sent to the appropriate employees. If you do not receive a response to your request, the supervisor is immediately notified of the situation.
  • Updates are submited whenever a task is completed, following your requests.


  • Performance reports help us increase production quality and improve training.

Inspection Report (points average)

  • You also have access to a report of points inspection per sector.

Implementing GSF Intelligent

  • You will receive a password and user name.
  • You will have a shortcut icon on your desktop for an automatic connection to the system.
  • You can easily submit and withdraw information.
  • All data is encrypted and secure.

Our mission is to provide superior customer service.