Training at GSF Canada Inc. : a priority

It is important for GSF CANADA INC. to ensure the competence level of each employee according his position and to ensure that each member of the personnel has received the appropriate training in accordance with the ascertained needs.

This training is part of an extended personnel policy framework and also offers to all salaried employees the possibility of accessing permanent training. The technical skills needed for the implementation of our commitments lead to the establishment of theoretical or practical training modules, which are delivered to a group or individually, according to the qualifications level.

Generally, personnel hired by GSF Canada Inc. follow a 60-hours theoretical and practical training.

This training allows them to gain knowledge concerning:
Professional ethics;
Equipment and accessories;
Cleaning and maintenance methods;
Cleaning and maintenance products;
General floor maintenance and toilet, desk, filing cabinet, etc. ;
Work-related health and safety.

Employees posted to a new project receive training which is adapted to the specific needs of the client. A service provider trains its employees according to these needs.

For GSF Canada Inc. , it is imperative to ensure that the company’s employees are at the cutting edge and able to respond to market evolution. GSF Canada Inc. regularly evaluates its employees’ knowledge and provides continuous training on their practices and service quality. A 30-hours training budget is allocated after employee evaluation to improve cleaning techniques and practices.

The capacity to develop new skills is essential at GSF Canada Inc. It is why GSF Canada Inc. is a company which is open to all levels and which enables its employees, through training, to evolve in their careers and to acquire the skills necessary to succeed.

GSF Canada Inc. implements continued training that is designed according to the client’s needs and adapted to the employees’ level and responsibilities. Our approach focuses on mentoring, favouring the sharing of good practices and the uniformity of service quality.

Being a company that is concerned with the training of its employees is an essential element for GSF Canada Inc. We also offers training (task-oriented or SQDM recognized) to its administrative as well as productive employees in order to enhance the quality of each of their work.

Training, current and upcoming, include:

For the administrative personnel:
English as a second language;
Communication, team spirit and respect;
Windows Systems, Access, Word, Power Point, Pro5, Graphics;
Task training for the office personnel;
Supervisor training – hiring;
Training related to different positions, eg : accounting certificate;
Pay management;
Priorities Management;
Stress management, telemarketing;
Incotel telephone system;
Internet, browsing and searching;
Improvement (continued training);
Protocol and courtesy (Bell);
First Aid at work;
Secretarial and administrative support;
Customer service and communication;

For the operations personnel:
Investigation and analysis of accidents;
Training for maintenance attendants;
Supervisor training – hiring;
Training on cleaning products and work methods;
Site management;
Managing difficult situations with clients;
Improvement (continued training);
Health and safety at work;
First Aid at work;
Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS);
Usage of maintenance work equipment.